free verse 12/2/2013

(From the collection of poems “Κyκlamιnο”) Theofani Karabatsas

Uriah wind, don’t stop,
Drag and wave the banners and flags,
Trumpets, trumpet our national anthem,
Resoundingly, and in awe.
Awe for the people who left.

Their blood, drop by drop, watered the tree of freedom,
Drop by drop, the mother’s tears,
Fed the baby, because she had no milk to feed him.
Drop by drop, we all drank this milk,
And bite by bite, we shared bread.

We lived in darkness, and in uncertainty,
We all believed in a principle,
For a start that was slow to come,
For a Lady, bloodstained, and so costly.

25th of March 1821 Greek War of Independence

We were all waiting for this freedom,
When we cried, and when our wings were cut off.

Behind closed hearts with sealed wax,
Behind bolted souls.

We waited for the bells to sound, joyful messages!
We waited all the time, shrouded in anticipation!
Our departed Heroes, the chariot with golden wings that carries you,
Wreaths from green basil, laurels and myrtles will always crown you!

Myriad voices along the way, sing to you,
Celestial melodies, from flute, and pound sound,
Agiokeria, illuminate the heavenly roofs for you,
Sage and savory grows in the mountains and hills.

Immortals! Immortals Marbled but Alive!
You are always close to us, you live among us,
You walk beside us and you are in glorious heaven!!


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