Since its inception, the AIMS organized three International Conferences with the active participation of over 400 scholars from approximately 40 tertiary institutions, over 20 seminars, hundreds of public lectures and published six monographs and collective volumes (Publications) and produced a referee Journal (Publication Series on Macedonia). Since 1990, the Institute had also produced two publications, (i) a bi-monthly newsletter entitled Makedikon Deltion (Macedonian Bulletin) from 1991 to 1996, and (ii) a 20-page periodical Makedonikos Logos (Macedonian View) from 1999 to the present day, outlining the Institute’s editorial policies and commentaries and depicting the activities and publications of the AIMS.

The AIMS has produced numerous articles and chapters in various refereed magazines, periodicals (Playing with the History: Macedoslav Irredentism) and collective volumes (Macedonian Identities) and its members participated in various European, American and Australian conferences (Conferences and Symposia). The Institute also closely collaborated in publications promoting the history and culture of the region in the mainland but also the migration experience of the Greek Macedonians in Australia, New Zealand, Latin America and even the countries in the Far East. The AIMS also collaborates closely with scholars, researchers and academics from all over the world on issues concerning inter-national relations (Current Macedonian Issues between Athens and Skopje by E. Kofos), (Greco-Turkish relations by S. Vryonis), language and literature (The Language of Macedonia by G. Babiniotis), domestic history and ideologies (Breaking the Deadlock by E. Kofos) and socio-cultural issues.

Over the years the Institute organized two photographic exhibitions on Greek Macedonian Immigration and Settlement in 2002 and 2006, successfully planned and implemented an Australian-wide educational and artistic students’ competition involving over 3,000 students from 400 schools from Australia and New Zealand, organized concerts, literature evenings, round table discussions and other activities promoting the history and culture of Macedonian Hellenism (Activities and Events).

In 1997, the AIMS joined the National Centre for Hellenic Studies and Research, at La Trobe University, as an integral academic entity of the NCHSR, until the closure of the Centre in December 2008.

The Institute worked, cooperated and closely collaborated and continues to liaise with Australian and International Universities (including The University of Melbourne, La Trobe University, The University of Notre Dame Australia, the University of Sydney, The University of Thessalonica, National University of Athens, the University of Wurzburg, Concordia University in Montreal, the University of Crete),  other tertiary Institutions in Greece, namely the Institute for Balkan Studies, the Museum for Macedonian Struggle, the Society for Macedonian Studies), State and Commonwealth government agencies (including the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, the Victorian Government, the Victorian Multicultural Commission) in organizing Conferences and Lectures, offering expertise advise, publishing books and receiving and offering funds for publications and Conferences.