Rome defeated Macedonia in 167 B.C. and split it into four federated states (Μερίδες), in order to succeed its political, military and economic annihilation and to destroy its unity. After 146 B.C. it was constituted a Roman province and there after its history merged with that of the Roman empire.

Then (1st cent. A.D.)  Apostle Paul began his missionary work in Europe from Macedonia. He establishes the first Christian Churches in Philippi, Thessaloniki and Veroia, all Greek speaking cities of Macedonia since antiquity. Paul also wrote his divinely inspired epistles ‘to Philippians and Thessalonians’ in Greek, a language spread by Alexander the Great in nearly all the then known world, and which became very instrumental for the spreading of Christianity. Scopian ‘historians’ allege that those first Christian Churches in Europe were ‘Macedonian’, Slavic that is, although the Slavs appear in Macedonia five centuries later and they become Christian eight centuries after the mission of the Apostle Paul.