The Australian Institute for Macedonian Studies organized or played a key role in the arrangement and coordination of a significant number of concerts, festivals, musicals as well as theatrical plays. The cultural activities were important to communicate the socio-cultural role of the Institute to its members and to the broader Greek and Australian society. These included:

  • As early as 1988, the AIMS under the guidance of Ms. Theofanis Karabatsas organized a Greek Macedonian festival at the gardens of the St. John’s Monastery in Northcote with the support of the Abbott Ierotheos Kourtessis;
  • In 1991, in collaboration with the theatrical school “Gefyra” it staged the theatrical play “Alexander the Great” directed by Nicholas Skiadopoulos;
  • In 1992, the AIMS organized a musical concert at the Melba Conservatorium of the University of Melbourne under the directorship of the maestro Valentinos Patrikidis;
  •  on 29 September 2002, the AIMS played a key role in the promotion and organzations of the visiting Byzantine Choir of Athens University at Melbourne’s Concert Hall, under the directorship of maestro of the psaltic art, Professor Gregorios Stathis.
  • In October 1994 the AIMS organized the first photographic exhibition on the Migration and Settlement of Macedonian Greeks in Australia and New Zealand, covering the period 1890-1990.
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