Speaker: Dr. Andrew Chugg
Date: Thursday, 25 October 2018
Time: 19:00 (7:00 p.m.)
Address: Ιthacan Philanthropic Society, Level 2, 329 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne

The Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies in collaboration with the Hellenic Community of Western Australia, the Community of Melbourne, the Center for Greek Culture “Kostis Palamas” of AHEPANS of NNO, the Departments of Greek of the University of La Trobe and the Metropolitan of North Perth together with Alphington Grammar presents for the first time in Australia the Doctor of Physics and Mathematics from the University of Cambridge and internationally renowned researcher of the life and contribution of Alexander the Great, Dr. Andrew Chugg. The famous British and Philhellene researcher, who has published dozens of books and articles on the life, death and work of the Great Soldier, who changed the course of world history, already spoke last Monday in Perth, where he impressed with his speech. and the interpretation he gave both to the last days and the death of Alexander the Great and to the retrospection he made to the historians of the Alexandrian period.

On Thursday afternoon at 7.00 in the Ithacan Philanthropic Society (Level 2, 329 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne) the Philhellene researcher will give a lecture on “Who are the inhabitants of the Macedonian tombs of Amphipolis?”. The speaker will be introduced by the executive of AIMS, Dr. Vassilis Sarafidis, who coordinates in Melbourne the presence of the excellent British physicist and historian Dr. Andrew Chugg.

All those who teach the Greek Language and Culture, the teachers of our community schools, but also all those who are interested in the history of Greece and the Macedonians in particular, are requested to attend this public lecture by the eminent Dr. Andrew Chugg. Teachers have much to gain from the wisdom and conclusions of the researcher, for Greek history and this period, which made Greek culture, a world property!

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