The Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies, since its founding in 1986, promotes the culture and history of Macedonian Hellenism and defends the historical and cultural laws of Macedonia with scientific arguments.

As a scientific institution, the AIMS, with its articles and publications, proved that Macedonia was an integral part of the Greek world and never functioned nationally, as a nation-state, but only racially, promoting the Greek language, history and culture of the Greeks.

AIMS believes and strives in order to make the historical experience, as it emerges from the bowels of the Macedonian land and the writings of the ancients, that Macedonia was a geographical region of Greece and its inhabitants, Greek race, with a common language. , religion, customs and traditions and common cultural heritage with the rest of the Greeks.

AIMS argues that the terms “Macedonia” and “Macedonians” can not and should not be used by any people, or tribe, to denote a nation and ethnicity. No other people or tribe, for example, can be called “Medea” or “Persia” because their modern state is called “Iran”.

AIMS supports the territorial integrity of the neighboring country and believes that its existence as a nation-state resolves positively for Greece and the Greeks the “Balkan issue”, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.

AIMS monitors and appreciates the efforts made by the Greek State, in order to find a compromise solution, sustainable and dignified, for the national laws and the history of the Macedonian Hellenism, so that the neighboring country finds its way through the Balkans and Europe. and to have a comparison and cooperation of this state with Greece.

The Board of Directors of the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies, in view of the forthcoming negotiation and in-depth consultations,


  • We accept and vote, as we did as AIMS, in 1992 in Lisbon, as a welcome ideal of the national conscience proposal that there should be no direct or indirect use of the name of Macedonia or its derivative by our neighbors.
  • We condemn in the strongest terms all five varieties of the neighboring state’s rumored naming, attributed to mediator Matthew Nimetz, as they appear in two words.
  • We exclude and condemn any new proposal for the use of a compound name with a historical or chronological meaning (“new”, “modern”, etc.).
  • As an insurmountable red line, we set a compound MONOLECTIC geographical name, where the term “Macedonia” appears descriptively in one and indivisible (inseparable) word in the Slavic language.
  • The final product of the negotiation is valid for everyone and for all uses.
  • The final product should be valid only if the neighboring country is constitutionally:
    • (a) dispel any liberating, expansive and separatist aspirations not only on the ground but also in the history and culture of Greece and the Greeks;
    • (b) de facto eradication, deconstruction and abolition of all manifestations of redemption and expansionism (textbooks, monuments, names, maps and any other tool he has used to date to supposedly imitate and pretend to represent the ancient Macedonians;
    • (c) to ensure guarantees that the final product of the operation will be permanent and irreversible by the attitude of the respective government, and
    • (d) provide for specific sanctions in the event that the other party breaches part of the agreement.

The Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies calls on the Greek State to do its historic and patriotic duty, defending the history and culture of Macedonia.

The Board of Directors

Melbourne, 23rd January 2018

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