The aims and objectives:

The Australian Institute for Macedonian Studies (AIMS) was established in August 1986 to research, study and promote the Macedonian Hellenic history, institutions, culture, literary and linguistic traditions and heritage. Its objectives include the following: to conduct research;  to produce publications and to organize conferences and seminars; to encourage a constant inflow of academics from all over the world to visit Australia and deliver lectures (see Constitution).

Its objectives also include  research activities  on the identity, migration and settlement experience of Macedonian Hellenes and other nationalities and cultures in the Balkans; to organize scholarships, research fellowships for scholarly research and studies on Macedonians or other Greeks or Australians who are loyal to the aims and legacies of the Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies.

The aims of the Institute also include: to advise and assist with the cultural integrity of Macedonians of Hellenic origin residing in Australia and its Territories; to improve the understanding among cultural groups on the basis of respect, recognition of identity and mutual coexistence; to liaise with international Institutes and to exchange ideas, views and knowledge; to organize concerts and folkloric festivals, art exhibitions and any other activities relevant to the above mentioned aims; to support and encourage collaboration with other institutions sharing the same objective.s

To Read the AIMS Constitution, please click here.