Critiques and Reports


This AIMS compiled and submitted to the Parliamentary Research Service of the Australian Commonwealth Government a 95-page critique document in response to a report compiled by Dr. Michael Underdown, which was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Australia. The report was submitted to the Director of the Parliamentary Research Service in Canberra, Dr. June Verrier.  The latter officially responded to the AIMS (16 March 1995), assuring the Institute that “your views expressed in your letter and paper have been noted by the relevant section of the Parliamentary Research Service”.


  • Download and read the AIMS’ Critique to Dr. Michael Underdown’s Report, 28 February 1995, under file Current Issues Brief Number 11, Background to the Macedonian Question.


The inaugural edition of the Journal also includes an open letter signed by two Greek Macedonian Ministers, Stylianos Papathemelis and Nicholas Martis to the envoy De Michelis questioning the question of the latter, who said “How can one nation ask another to change its name?”


  • To download and read the open letter of the two ministers: Open letter to Mr. de Michellis, pp. 22-24.



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